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500L Micro Beer Brewery Equipment

500L Micro Beer Brewery Equipment

Warranty:5 years

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500L micro beer brewery equipment

The brewhouse capacity is 500L, it means it can make 500L beer after one batch brewing.Genarally,it will take

6-7 hours to brew one batch, so you can at least make 2 batch per day, it means you can have at least 1000L

beer output per day. But, you month output dependson how many fermentation tanks you take. Genarally, we will

offer you 5-8 500L or 1000L fermenters at first, if you need more output, you can buy a few more fermenters later.

500L micro beer brewery equipment---Brewhouse part list

Mash tun/lauter tun

500L SS304

Outer size:1260*2400mm

Equipped with: Rake knife, Power: 0.75KW

Glass top manhole

CIP cleaning ball

PU insulation layer

Boiling kettle/whirlpool tank

500L SS304

Outer size:1260*2400mm

Steam heating

CIP cleaning ball

High accuracy temperature sensor

PU insulation layer

Hot water tank

500L SS304

steam heating

Glass top manhole

80mm PU insulation layer

4 legs support

Buffer tank

50L SS304

3 legs support

Top manhole

Heating exchanger

5 square meter SS

plate spacing:6mm

Yeast adding tank

5L SS304

3 legs support

Flange top manhole

Malt converyor& storage bin

SS304 motor power: 3kw

Capacity: 300kg/h

Brewhouse control system

The fermentation tanks

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