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Winery Fermentation Tanks

Winery Fermentation Tanks

Function: fruit wine brewing
Service: turnkey project
Warranty: 3 years
Delivery: 30-50 days

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Wine brewing process 

In the brewing process of wine and fruit wine, the process flow is slightly different due to different types. The basic production process is summarized as follows:

Raw Materials — > Crushing (pressing) — > Fermentation — > Separation — > Storage (clarification) — > Freezing — > Blending — > Sterilization — > Packaging — > Finished Products

The technology flow drawings 


The winey equipment dispaly






The whole winery system include:

--Fruit washing machine

--fruit crusher

--Mixng tank

--Mashing tun

--fermentation tanks 

--plate-and-frame filter press

--wine storage tank

--prepare pot

--Frozen insulation  tank


--Ice water tank

-- Pumps and filtration equipment etc

Case share

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blob.png blob.png

The warranty period of the equipment in this project is 3 years for the main tank body

and 1 year for the auxiliary machine.

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