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  • 1000L Micro Brewery System

    1000L Micro Brewery System

    Material:SUS304 Brewhouse:3 vessels Fermenters: temperature control Control system: PLC Delivery time: 40 days

  • Beer Bar Brewing Equipment

    Beer Bar Brewing Equipment

    Material: copper capacity:500liter warranty:3 years function:cook beer delivery:35days

  • Micro Brewery Plant

    Micro Brewery Plant

    Material: Stainless steel 304
    Application site: micro brewery
    Power: 25kw
    Voltage: 220v 380v
    Warranty: 3-5 years

  • Large Brewing Plant

    Large Brewing Plant

    Common capacity: 20bbl-50bbl
    Control system: whole system automatic
    Power: 25kw-50kw
    Weight: 3T-5T
    Warranty: 5 years

  • Beer Canning Machine

    Beer Canning Machine

    Function: beer canning
    Material: Food grade
    System: rinsing /canning / capping
    Type: automatic
    Service: installation

  • Beer Bottle Filling Machine

    Beer Bottle Filling Machine

    Material: SUS304
    Type: Semi-automatic
    Weight: 150KG
    Filling head: 4
    Power: electric

  • Beer Keg Filling Machine

    Beer Keg Filling Machine

    Type: semi-automatic
    Head: double head
    Capacity: 30-50kegs/hours
    Weight: 200kg
    Control: control panel

  • Beer Keg Washing Machine

    Beer Keg Washing Machine

    Type: Manual operation
    Head: Single head
    Control: Touch panel
    Kegs available: 20L 25L 30L 50L
    Power: electricity
    Warranty: 1 year

  • Beer Bottle Washing Machine

    Beer Bottle Washing Machine

    Size: (length × width × height) 1300 × 1080 × 700mm
    Brush bottle station: 4
    Motor power: 0.37KW
    Material: stainless steel
    Operation: manually

  • Beer Barrel Washing Machine

    Beer Barrel Washing Machine

    Function: washing barrel
    Feather: easy to operate
    Control: Touch panel
    Price: reasonable
    Material: Stainless steel

  • 300l Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

    300l Micro Beer Brewing Equipment

    Material:food grade steel
    Brewhouse:Kettle;Lauter tun; whirlpool tank
    Capacity of brewhause:300l
    Capacity of fermentors:600l
    Temperature control: automaticlly

  • 3 Vessels Brewery Equipment

    3 Vessels Brewery Equipment

    Material: SUS304 Capacity: 1000L Fermenter:5-15 Delivery:40days Warranty: 3 years

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